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Terms & Conditions


  • These terms and conditions of use have been established; To guarantee OMOOVA and users’ rights, and to clarify the obligations of each party; Therefore, these terms and conditions are considered as the usage agreement and you agree to it, and it shall be effective from the date of the user’s registration in “OMOOVA”.
  • By entering or using the “OMOOVA” platform, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of use.
  • If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use; You may not use OMOOVA.


  • “OMOOVA”: an electronic platform subject to the terms and conditions in the United Kingdom and owned by PreSolutions LTD that will be referred to in these terms and conditions of use in the following terms: (“OMOOVA”, “platform”, “we”, ” Our account”, “our”), where in OMOOVA the e-commerce service for electronic devices is provided.
  • “E-commerce”: a commercial activity on the Internet through selling through the platform.
  • “User”: a person with a legal capacity, whether an individual or an establishment that has a representative, who buys through the platform and makes payments electronically or through direct bank transfer, and is referred to as “person”, “user”, “yours”, “you” , “To you,” “you,” “you,” “you.”
  • “Seller”: an individual or establishment registered with us that provides its services through the platform, which includes buying and selling through the platform, and that the person or facility has a legal and legal capacity.
  • “Electronic devices”: the services provided by the platform for direct or indirect sale.
  • “The Platform” is an online application that works by surfing via the web via the web under the link
    as well as sub-domains from the main domain or domains of the same name in the countries referred to on the site with main likns or sub domains.

Changes in Terms and Conditions:

  • The platform has the right to change the terms and conditions in accordance with the surrounding variables and circumstances. As a result, you must review the changes periodically, and the platform is not responsible for sharing them with you in the event that you do not see them through the platform.
  • Your continued use of the “OMOOVA” platform is an acknowledgment of your acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable at the time of your use of the platform.

Registration and User Account:

  • You must register and create an account that includes the username and password in the OMOOVA platform. Electronic transactions are made through the platform. Any account that is registered is an account whose data you bear the correctness of and that you bear sole responsibility for maintaining the security of the confidentiality of your information on the platform. Registration is as a regular user account, as a supplier of a new product, or as heavy or light equipment
  • The average user is the final purchaser or tenant and requests the service through the platform
  • The supplier is the first and last responsible for the correctness of his data and his obligations with the platform and the final customer (the consumer / buyer) and any damage to the final consumer borne by the supplier of the product or heavy or light equipment and he is legally obligated to do so and the correctness and accuracy of the content, etc.

Suspension and Deletion of Accounts:

  • Any violation of these terms and conditions by the user will expose his account to suspension or deletion without any prior notice.

Content-specific Terms:

  • The “OMOOVA” platform maintains the content, its wording, and its accuracy. In the event that contravening this is revealed, the content will be deleted.
  • The platform reserves the right to delete any information it deems in violation of any of the terms and conditions of use without notice.
  • The contents and tools on the platform are provided to users as they have been added, without guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implicit.
  • The platform reserves the right to take all legal measures to ensure its right for those who violate the system of Sharia and legal provisions applicable in the United Kingdom or where the platform operates in any country to which the user belongs.

Payment Methods:

  • The purchase process is made by paying through the platform using credit cards, MasterCard, Visa or direct bank transfer to the platform account, which is placed in the cart mechanism, where the user chooses the appropriate electronic payment or direct bank transfer.
  • Once the user pays the value of the purchases and makes sure that the value has reached the account of the platform, then the platform sends a notification to the user that includes a notification of receipt of the request.

Using Credit Cards:

  • The user acknowledges that it is not permissible to use credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and the extent and the like, and are not owned by him, unauthorized to use them, expired, their source unknown, lost or stolen.
  • The user acknowledges that he/she bears full financial and legal responsibility for any violation of the terms and conditions for using credit cards.

Shipping and Delivery:

  • The platform is not responsible for the products after they are delivered to the shipping company, whether for delayed shipments or damages.
  • Orders are prepared after communicating with the main supplier and he is responsible for the safety of the rental equipment and the platform acts as a mediator only between the supplier and the consumer.

Delivery and Shipment

  • The order is delivered to the shipping company, which conducts the delivery process in the event that there is no emergency or accidental problem with the shipping company.

Business and Communication Policy:

Contact the sales or technical support team through the platform’s website

Intellectual Property Rights:

  • The name and logo of the “OMOOVA” platform, the addresses of the electronic platform, and all the materials, texts, images, graphics, designs, models, multimedia files, and software and their classification are the exclusive property of the Distinguished Solution for Information Technology.
  • The platform reserves all intellectual property rights related to it, including copyright and distribution rights, and it is not permitted to reprint these materials, distribute, modify, use them for commercial or advertising purposes, or re-publish them in any form without obtaining a written and explicit permission from PreSolutions LTD.

Immoral Attacks:

  • We will always strive to update our anti-virus programs and we strive to be virus-free, but we do not guarantee harmful use by third parties, whether intentionally or unintentionally, so you must update your device with high-quality anti-virus.
  • You must not misuse the platform by intentionally or unintentionally introducing viruses or malicious or harmful materials.

You must not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform or any server or database connected to it.

  • You must not attack the Platform through other identifiers or technologies or by performing denial-of-service attacks, which may lead to legal action being taken against you.

Evacuation Responsibility:

  • The “OMOOVA” platform does not bear any legal liability of any kind, whether for errors, damages, loss, obligations or commitments related to the implementation of the platform’s services to the user.
  • OMOOVA may make changes to the content or services or suspend or suspend the platform permanently or temporarily without any prior notification to the user, and we do not provide any guarantees to you through your use of the platform.
  • The OMOOVA platform is not responsible for any virus, pollution, or destructive features that may affect your mobile device or computer as a result of your use, access, disconnection, or inability to use or access the platform.

The platform reserves the right to disclose any information that you may provide to us through the platform, to our legal representatives, or any regulatory authority in the United Kingdom or where the user’s country is if requested.


  • You agree to fully indemnify us for any loss, injury, claim, claims, or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential, or punitive costs, liabilities, expenses, damages, or other things that we may be exposed to through your use of the platform “OMOOVA” or its services.

Notifications and Complaints Handling:

  • Any notifications under the terms and conditions of use may be delivered to you via your online account or on any of your data registered on the platform, and this notification is considered valid.

Applicable Regulations and Jurisdiction:

  • These terms and conditions apply to your use of the “OMOOVA” platform and are compatible with the regulations in force in the United Kingdom or where the country of the user is in the event that the platform operates in its legal and legal form in that country.